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The Cash FX Group is a Forex trading company that offers individual trading, done on your behalf for you, with a significant return on each contract and the option of sharing the opportunity with others where you can earn referral commissions and other bonuses.

The world is going through defining times and at CFX they understand how that has affected – and is still affecting millions of people, many lost their jobs, their sources of income, and found themselves in an unfortunate situation.

But, fortunately, this company is blessed enough to continue growing even at times like these. We are happy to be able to give opportunities for our members to conquer their financial freedom all over the world! Take one decision and Start with CFX Group today! You can learn how to trade for yourself and meanwhile let the professional trade for you so you can make earnings from home. 💰💚

The Ribbon Cutting Event was in Panama City, Panama 25th of September 2021 and the video will be worth watching, revealing the vision of the corporate and all they have in situ to make sure they’re a Legacy Company for many years to come.

Opening of the Panama Office

The company offers us a chance with financial trading education levels that reflect the value per level that an individual joins at.

The Profits for all members are generated from both passive trades and a singular Rewards Plan. This includes an industry-first Bull and Bear Plan which accelerates your team building and earning success. The company doesn’t make its profit from the trades of its members. Their primary profit is predicated within the trading space fees and some of the spread, plus their own significant trading profit.

Please note: You don’t have to invite others to earn at CashFX, you earn total passive income as a Bear trader, but the unique Reward Plan also benefits Bears (passive traders) and increases earnings through the 3×10 forced matrix system.

Transparency, knowledge, and technology are the main things that made me join this trading programme. They’re transparent, showing what they’re doing, showing the live trades via webcams within the trading rooms, and constantly sharing what they are going to bring on board for the future.

Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, no past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading activity Participation in the CFX rewards plan is not a guarantee of success. Hard work consistency and massive action are required to make any significant income online

To learn more about our business, please watch the 3 short videos you can access by clicking on the image below. If you are interested in joining us, just contact the person who showed you this post to get started.



My journey with CashFX.

I started in August 2020 with a $500,- pack and my plan was to just earn passively. After a week or so I saw my earnings accumulate on my balance so I decided to surprise my husband and opened a $500,- account for him. I instantly received a commission on my balance for introducing him so I told one of my friends about it. She decided to join too and so I went to work.

Then I started sharing it with people I already know on Facebook and pretty soon I could upgrade to the $1000,- pack. Because by that time I realised what a wonderful business I had found and how fast I could reach the top package, so I upgraded to the $3000,- pack and since then my team has grown consistently and I have been able to upgrade according to plan.

In October 2021, after nearly 16 months, I reached the 50K pack, which gives me an average return of $1700,- a week on the passive side. The beauty of this business is that we earn, no matter what we do but when we share it with others the commissions are wonderful, 15% on every pack your referrals buy. Plus several other commissions.
Now my income has grown again and I was able to upgrade to the 70K pack on the 23rd of April.
Hopefully, the final step to reach the 100K pack will be happening this coming August, I will keep you posted.

I reached the 100k pack on the 18th of July, almost one month earlier than anticipated, due to the help of my team.

Passively, someone can start with the smallest pack of $300,- and climb the ladder to the 100K pack in about 5 years. If you go to work and build a team, you can achieve this within a year. Many have already done this. The chart below shows how this can be achieved by a return of an average of 5% weekly. Of course when this percentage drops it will take longer.

No past results can guarantee future profits.

Contact me to get started or click this link

Leveraging the right Technology with real Professional Forex Traders, Proprietary Software, and using winning proven strategies we get to share in the success.

This is a daily view of the amount we have earned.

This interview I did after being with CFX for about one year.

To watch a presentation follow this link



Welcome to CFX.

Some items shown in this video might look a bit different now as it was made in 2019 but it should be simple enough to follow.

This is how the payment window should look. CFX does not have an App so make sure the address is correct –

Here you will find the Bitcoin exchanges for your country.

CashFX is compliant with all laws. The following countries are exempt from joining until further notice.

To join CashFX you need a link from the person who showed you this page. If you have no sponsor, my team link can be used.

There is no CFX App so make sure you are on the right website before making any payments.
There are many scammers trying to get your hard-earned money.
See you on the inside!!

The trials and errors of a work-at-home person

The trials and errors of a work-at-home person

When, like me, you’ve decided to make a living working from home you will no doubt have fallen into some of the traps there are on the internet. Working from home can be very satisfying as you can fill in the time you spend on work and on leisure time. However it can also mean that you spend far more time at your computer than you’d first planned due to distractions which are around all the time.

Money doesn’t grow on trees but you can make a lot online

A lot of time can be spent on social media and although it’s one of the first platforms for networking that is now widely used, it’s also the most distracting. I speak from experience and now have to plan ahead and be strict to myself as to when I switch on Twitter, Facebook, Skype etc.
Planning ahead is paramount when you work at home so I’ve started making a list of things I need to do each day, that way I get more structure in my day and I get more done.

First of all I have a shower and breakfast and start up my laptop – reading of emails has priority just in case there’s something urgent and I respond to and tidy away all mails in the mailbox, that way I keep it manageable. After that’s done I spend time on social media to speak with friends and prospects, do some advertising and catch up with the news.

Most days it’ll be lunchtime when I’ve done those tasks.

After lunch it’s time for a walk of about one – to one and a half hours, provided the weather is good, I draw the line when it’s chucking it down. I walk together with my husband about 5 times a week the other 2 days I spend doing some housework.
I spend time reading up on news, watch training videos and work on my website.
Making new friends and acquaintances is another thing you must do to make sure your business grows – this can be time consuming – especially when you get drawn into long chat sessions on Facebook or Skype. Advertising takes up the rest of my afternoon. I use all kinds of Social Media for that. Facebook, LinkedIn, Webtalk etc.

This is a typical working day for me but I must confess that I spend many of my evenings online as well, attending Zoom calls and catching up on training.
Another important side of any home business is keeping track of what you do financially, so book keeping is an essential task. I register everything I do on an Excel sheet. That way I’ve got it all in one place and can keep track of my outgoings and of what’s coming in.
I’m now heading in the right direction and the balance is now well into the positive.
It also gives me the freedom to travel and still keep up with business. The laptop lifestyle they call it. Well it certainly suits me!

For more information please contact me