My journey with CashFX.

I started in August 2020 with a $500,- pack and my plan was to just earn passively. After a week or so I saw my earnings accumulate on my balance so I decided to surprise my husband and opened a $500,- account for him. I instantly received a commission on my balance for introducing him so I told one of my friends about it. She decided to join too and so I went to work.

Then I started sharing it with people I already know on Facebook and pretty soon I could upgrade to the $1000,- pack. Because by that time I realised what a wonderful business I had found and how fast I could reach the top package, so I upgraded to the $3000,- pack and since then my team has grown consistently and I have been able to upgrade according to plan.

In October 2021, after nearly 16 months, I reached the 50K pack, which gives me an average return of $1700,- a week on the passive side. The beauty of this business is that we earn, no matter what we do but when we share it with others the commissions are wonderful, 15% on every pack your referrals buy. Plus several other commissions.
Now my income has grown again and I was able to upgrade to the 70K pack on the 23rd of April.
Hopefully, the final step to reach the 100K pack will be happening this coming August, I will keep you posted.

I reached the 100k pack on the 18th of July, almost one month earlier than anticipated, due to the help of my team.

Passively, someone can start with the smallest pack of $300,- and climb the ladder to the 100K pack in about 5 years. If you go to work and build a team, you can achieve this within a year. Many have already done this. The chart below shows how this can be achieved by a return of an average of 5% weekly. Of course when this percentage drops it will take longer.

No past results can guarantee future profits.

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Leveraging the right Technology with real Professional Forex Traders, Proprietary Software, and using winning proven strategies we get to share in the success.

This is a daily view of the amount we have earned.

This interview I did after being with CFX for about one year.

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