My journey to the 100K pack

My journey to the 100K pack

When I heard about CFX in the autumn of 2019, I was skeptical and declined as I had lost money many times in online opportunities.

Months later, a dear friend of mine said I should join as it was the best business she had ever been in but I declined again. However eventually, she persuaded me to start anyway.

In hindsight, I regret sitting on that fence for so many months!

I started with a $500,- pack and earned my first commission on the 19th of August 2020. After a few weeks, I decided to trust this company and upgraded to the $3K pack as this meant it would cut my time in half to reach the $100K pack.

My husband was very skeptical too so I didn’t tell him I opened an account for him as well, wanting to surprise him for Christmas. When he eventually found out about it and saw the potential, he immediately upgraded to the $10K reaching his 100K pack a month before me!

Because I was so happy about the earning potential in CFX I told a few friends and my team started growing too, making me an additional income. Because of this, I was also able to withdraw some money for myself as well.

Now, 23 months later, I have reached the 100K pack and am very happy about it. Once I have earned enough to renew the pack, it will bring me an additional income of about $60K per annum.

Watch this video of the upgrade.

This roadmap shows how long it takes approximately to reach the next step up the ladder to the 100K pack. Here an average of 5% per week is used so if the % is lower it will take longer and when it is higher it will, of course, take less time. Of every trading pack 70% is used for trading purposes, and the remaining 30% is used for bonuses.

Income Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money and to make significant income from any business online takes hard work, consistency, and maximum effort/action. Never put in more than you are willing to lose and always remember that past performance never guarantees future profits!

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