Why you should take a look.

There is a new opportunity that is starting to catch fire quick… and we are at the beginning!

We are focused on creating A culture of worldwide SHARING. We are at the beginning of something that will change the way we can help each other. Working as a team will enable us to accumulate bitcoin and spend part of those bitcoins to share with others. It may be a charity you already support or a new project that needs our help.

Crowdfunding meets Bitcoin done the right way with Up2Give.

This is a 2×6 forced compressed matrix.

It is somewhat similar to the standard MLM cycler systems we’ve seen in the past, but this time the typical “all you need is 2” truly means there is no need to go wider than that, and so our up line will be dedicated to helping each of us get 2 directs.

The company is in Orlando, FL.

The interesting thing about this system as opposed to the standard “cyclers” we’ve seen in the past, is that each and every month, the entire matrix is rebuilt from scratch!

This means that whatever position you are in currently, and whatever you received the previous month, will now repeat itself, so you know that you can always count on receiving at least what you earned the previous month, and as it grows, that minimum will keep increasing each month. They also are creating a “ground zero” system for newcomers that don’t have their 2 at the start…

Brand new people who haven’t had a chance to get two people will be given the money to cover the majority of their costs from a pool of funds gathered by taking 12.5% of the money generated by those at the top of the 6-level tree.
I definitely think this is a serious one to consider embracing!

To be manually placed, all I need is your name, email, and country. That is it for now. All we need is 2 people to qualify for payment then we help our new members with finding theirs.

UP2GIVE Co-Founder Andreas Kartrud is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: UP2GIVE Presentation

1 pm EST call
6 pm UK
7 pm Sweden
7 pm Nigeria
8 pm South Africa

9 pm Kenya
11:30 pm India
12 am Dhaka
1 am Vietnam
2 am Singapore

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday – Ask me for the link

This a worldwide opportunity, every country is allowed in.

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