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An American network marketing company is erupting right now in Europe, and is looking for new leaders to apply the marketing system and it’s income through new and fresh online tools.

Did you know that the network “Air BNB” does not even own one room in the whole world, yet has as large a sales turnover as Hilton, which owns 650,000 rooms worldwide. This is how Get-Taxi, Uber, etc. work. The world is naturally turning to network marketing and who doesn’t want to be one of the first to bring the future to Europe?

We are looking for partners to join our rapidly growing team.

There are only 2 types of network marketing business, CATEGORY CREATOR or Category Enhancer.

Why Rain International?

1. CATEGORY CREATOR РLeader in Seeds products like the amazing Rain SOUL to Rain CORE and Rain FORM

2. Global Business – US, EUROPE, AFRICA & ASIA.

3. Multi-million dollar sales

4. Debt free.

5. Owns certified Manufacturing Facility in USA.

6. Owns the backoffice (Orb Six)

7. Best-in-class commission plan.

8. Product backup by science.

9. Delivery service that will reach your doorstep.

10.Low start-up fee.

Presentations,webinars and trainingen en meetings are held weekly to help new¬†partners get a quick start in business. You don’t have to do it alone.

Join now and start your journey to health and wealth.

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