Be kind and contribute to my Vazazahagasy Association to conserve our endangered endemic species of fauna and flora at Bevoady Local Small Park, Fiherenana, Toliara.

Association Vazahagasy is now thinking of working for the natures and wildlife in the ecotourism fields at the bank of Fiherenana river in Toliara to conserve Madagascar’s endangered endemic species of fauna and flora to stay safe and peaceful at the park.

With this cause, we ask everyone who reads and acknowledges our goals for the conservation and protection of our rare and endemic animals and plants to contribute to help financially here in Up2give.

Dear members, contributors, philanthropists, fundraisers, Vazahagasy Association managed by Solo Nentea with his members highly hope you will be able to help us to achieve our initiative for support of BEVOADY SMALL LOCAL PARK, to save our endangered endemic animals and plants. These rare species will become extinct after a few years unless we contribute together to save them.

Love our nature, love our future.
Thank you in advance for your kind supports.

God bless you.