Up2Give partners with Succes Training Institute

We just had some mind-boggling announcements from our amazing CEO Mr. Jerry Lopez and, now an official partner of Up2Give, DL Wallace, founder of STI- Success Training Institute – read more About DL Wallace here http://mrdlwallace.com/

To sum it up, here it is…..

UP2GIVE through its partnership with STI will Jan 15th launch the UP2GIVE Academy 

The Success Training Institute™ is on a mission to deliver high quality, powerfully effective online soft skills training that accomplishes a singular goal: To develop better business professionals.

Because STI believes better begins on the inside, their training is not only focused on the most common soft skills but, those that promote and encourage excellence in character, honesty and team collaboration.

Every single member in the Up2Give community gets instant access to training courses in soft skill developments – just to mention a few of the 1200+ courses to show what soft skills are:

– Personal development

– Money management

– Business management

– Time Management

– Emotional Intelligence

– And much much more

As soon as you have paid the $32 admin fee, the Up2Give Academy will be available for you and for your personal development, Up2Give is about to disrupt the education system my friends, and this shows the strength of what we have. We do not just say we will do, We Do.

AND THAT’s NOT ALL – Through STI´s “free scholarship for the less fortunate”, each time anyone in our community completes a course, STI will give a free course to someone less fortunate through their foundation.

That simply means, the more the Up2Give community develops their own personal skills, the more people we can help, again, truly a PHILANTROPICAL company and Vision, with a true passion to change people´s lives all around the world!

Follow STI on FB here – https://www.facebook.com/SuccessTrainingInstituteUS/

Follow STI on Twitter here – https://twitter.com/gotsoftskills

Follow STi on LinkedIn here

STI and UP2GIVE´s partnership is now official and live. UP2GIVE is on a mission, and there´s no one stopping us to achieve what we set out to do, changing people’s lives.

Join us and become a member of the Up2Give community.