The trials and errors of a ‘work at home’ person.

When, like me, you’ve decided to make a living working from home you will no doubt have fallen into some of the traps there are on the internet.
There are so many so called ‘Get rich quick schemes’ and promises of ‘earning while you sleep’ that it might take a while to weed out the bad ones and find some good programmes that do deliver on their promises.
It is important not to put all your eggs in one basket and spread your income over more than one income stream.
Working from home can be very satisfying as you can fill in the time you spend on work and on leisure time. However it can also mean that you spend far more time at your computer than you’d first planned due to distractions which are around all the time.
A lot of time can be spent on social media and although it’s one of the first platforms for networking that is now widely used, it’s also the most distracting. I speak from experience and now have to plan ahead and be strict to myself as to when I switch on Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Google+.
Planning ahead is paramount when you work at home so I’ve started making a list of things I need to do each day, that way I get more structure in my day and I get more done.
Some of my days start with a walk of about one – to one and a half hours, provided the weather is good, I draw the line when it’s chucking it down. I walk together with my neighbour about 3 times per week the other 2 days I spent time excercising indoors.
Then I have a shower and breakfast and start up my laptop – reading of emails has priority just in case there’s something urgent and I respond to and tidy away all mails in the mailbox, that way I keep it manageable. After that’s done I spend time on several social media to speak with friends and prospects, do some advertising and catch up with the news. Most days it’ll be lunchtime when I’ve done those tasks.
Salmon and salad
After lunch I spend time reading up on news, watch training videos and work on my websites. I do have several and they all need updating now and again.
Making new friends and acquaintances is another thing you must do to make sure your business grows – this can be time consuming – especially when you get drawn into long chat sessions on Facebook or Skype. Advertising takes up the rest of my afternoon. I use all kinds of Social Media for that. Facebook, Traiborg, Twitter etc.
This is a typical working day for me but I must confess that I spend many of my evenings online as well, checking up on all kinds of news and watching hangouts to catch up on training.
Another important side of any home business is keeping track of what you do financially, so book keeping is an essential task. I register everything I do on an Excell sheet. That way I’ve got it all in one place and can keep track of my outgoings and of what’s coming in.
I’m now heading in the right direction and the balance is slowly swinging to the positive.
It also gives me the freedom to travel and still keep up with business. The lapstop lifestyle they call it. Well it certainly suits me!
laptop lifestyle
For more information please check out my posts on the various opportunities.
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