“This book provides information about the
ONPASSIVE Business Solution; how to achieve
the Total Freedom you want. If you are tired of
fighting against the system, and want Time and
Financial Freedom for you and your loved ones,
you should look carefully at ONPASSIVE. Because
whether you are an Internet Marketing Guru or
just “surfing” the internet, it doesn’t matter;
NOT anymore.”


ONPASSIVE is still in pre-launch and it’s still possible to join as a founder member.
It’s certainly worth considering as Founders’ Positions are ranked according to:

  1. The date the position was acquired, and
  2. The size of their personally invited Team.
    Before opening to the public, the campaigns done
    while testing money flow and marketing will invite
    other Founders. Post-launch, the campaigns will
    invite customers

The Founders’ positions will never again be available
once ONPASSIVE opens to the public.