The Giving Box

✅ A Cryptocurrency Business using Bitcoin that will NEVER run with your money!

✅ The best Cryptocurrency Community where NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND!

✅ It’s… 100% Decentralized, 100% Transparent, 100% Member to Member Instant Payment Model!

✅ A serious Entrepreneur who can bring in 2 friends, can work together and has the determination to build their team in the Cryptocurrency World, will be able to achieve reaching stage 6.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Giving Box, this is as simple as it can be put. It doesn’t explain in detail how the engine works, but it explains what the engine does for you (if you catch my drift 😉)

Hope this helps in understanding how the contributing and receiving works on the different levels.

Try the Bitcoin converter to see what the amounts mean in your currency

Ask for an invite link by sending an email to or fill in the form.