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WOW, What a turnover!!

WOW, What a turnover!!


The #freedomchaserscommunity have smashed through $6 Million in team-turnover in just 24 months. Our team leader Jon Bone started building this community with a $300 punt back in Feb 2020, not really understanding what we had a hold of and now we have smashed through yet another milestone, and the team just keeps on growing exponentially.

We now have 2,134 happy members all over the world, happy because every single one of them are earning, and none are getting left behind. We are only just getting started (Y)

Our happy members

Our happy members

When people join CFX they usually start with a $300,- or $500,- Trading pack.
However, as soon as they realise how the income increases as the packs grow bigger, it doesn’t take them long to upgrade to the next pack. How clever!!! Here are most of our team members, some choose not to have their pictures displayed and we have to respect that.

When will you join us?



Too often people who want to earn money besides having a JOB, join an online business without doing their DUE DILIGENCE. They jump into the next shiny object without giving it much thought and when the results aren’t what they expected they cry “SCAM”.

Of course, there are more scams online than decent companies that look after their customers. Who hasn’t been conned into parting with some hard-earned money, never to see a return on it?

However, even with genuine companies, people sometimes don’t get out of it what they at first expected. The reason is that it is almost always the result of not understanding how things work or not putting in the effort to make it work. A business, be it online or offline, can’t exist without new customers or members who buy their products or services. Network Marketing is a perfect way to get a lot of work done by many people doing a little bit of the work.

To be successful in Network Marketing takes a lot of hard work and dedication but the rewards can be enormous.
Investing a small part of your money to receive steady returns is a way to build up your wealth.
If you are interested in learning to trade on the Forex Market, I can show you a way to do just that but meanwhile, you can start by buying an Academy Trade Package and, while you learn, let our traders do the work for you.

Passive Plan

In my opinion, there isn’t a better way to build an income for the future. Even if you start with the smallest trade pack of $300,- it is possible to take the steps up to the 100K pack. Passively, the BEAR side of the business, it will take longer but if you are willing to work hard and share the opportunity with family, friends, and the rest of the world, you could reach the top within a year. Others have done it and so can YOU!! See how I did it by going to my post about it.

If you would like to learn more about how to earn by activating the BULL side, watch the next video.

Active plan

Income Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money and to make significant income from any business online takes hard work, consistency, and maximum effort/action. Never put more than you are willing to lose and always remember that past performance never guarantees future profits!

The trials and errors of a work-at-home person

The trials and errors of a work-at-home person

When, like me, you’ve decided to make a living working from home you will no doubt have fallen into some of the traps there are on the internet. Working from home can be very satisfying as you can fill in the time you spend on work and on leisure time. However it can also mean that you spend far more time at your computer than you’d first planned due to distractions which are around all the time.

Money doesn’t grow on trees but you can make a lot online

A lot of time can be spent on social media and although it’s one of the first platforms for networking that is now widely used, it’s also the most distracting. I speak from experience and now have to plan ahead and be strict to myself as to when I switch on Twitter, Facebook, Skype etc.
Planning ahead is paramount when you work at home so I’ve started making a list of things I need to do each day, that way I get more structure in my day and I get more done.

First of all I have a shower and breakfast and start up my laptop – reading of emails has priority just in case there’s something urgent and I respond to and tidy away all mails in the mailbox, that way I keep it manageable. After that’s done I spend time on social media to speak with friends and prospects, do some advertising and catch up with the news.

Most days it’ll be lunchtime when I’ve done those tasks.

After lunch it’s time for a walk of about one – to one and a half hours, provided the weather is good, I draw the line when it’s chucking it down. I walk together with my husband about 5 times a week the other 2 days I spend doing some housework.
I spend time reading up on news, watch training videos and work on my website.
Making new friends and acquaintances is another thing you must do to make sure your business grows – this can be time consuming – especially when you get drawn into long chat sessions on Facebook or Skype. Advertising takes up the rest of my afternoon. I use all kinds of Social Media for that. Facebook, LinkedIn, Webtalk etc.

This is a typical working day for me but I must confess that I spend many of my evenings online as well, attending Zoom calls and catching up on training.
Another important side of any home business is keeping track of what you do financially, so book keeping is an essential task. I register everything I do on an Excel sheet. That way I’ve got it all in one place and can keep track of my outgoings and of what’s coming in.
I’m now heading in the right direction and the balance is now well into the positive.
It also gives me the freedom to travel and still keep up with business. The laptop lifestyle they call it. Well it certainly suits me!

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