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Card2Shop is a great new way of having a Savings Account. No bank in the world pays you what you can save in Card2Shop.
Distribution of the card2shop card
To get a card2shop debit card, you have to order one in our web shop ( You will only be able to order a card through one of the sponsors like myself. The user ID to use for ordering is 1159.
The distribution of the card is built in a small matrix which is part of a very large one. The turnover of only level 1 (3 positions) and level 2 (4 positions) beneath you (place 0) is enough ( only 7 orders under you in total). The turnover is expressed in SP (shopping points). For every card2shop card that is ordered 20 SP are recorded. When you reach 140 SP, you get your ordered card2shop card.
To reach the 140 SP there is no deadline and you don’t have to do anything extra. Of course if you find people who want to participate in the card2shop program results are speeding up. Only 3 direct orders can be placed beneath you in level 1, no matter where those orders came from. Further orders will be placed in the first free position under level 1, filled in from left to right automatically.

Of course it goes without saying that the more people join, the faster you accumulate your points. So sharing the opportunity is paramount to faster success.

After you collect 140 SP your card2shop card topped up with € 800.- will be sent to you and the 140 SP will be deducted. Should there be over 140 SP’s you keep the remaining points. With the card sent you automatically get a new card2shop card order in your account without you paying anything; the system will generate this card for you.
Furthermore, you will get (automatically) an EXTRA card2shop card order in a new account. This card will be placed by the system in the first free position of all the participants in the program. The 20 SP this order brings in will go to the levels above. In this way it is guaranteed all the levels get filled sustainably.
This is the email I received :
“Liebe(r) Vertriebspartner(in),
Sie erhalten anliegend Ihre aktuelle SP-Abrechnung.
Wenn Sie mindestens 140 SP erreicht haben, laden wir den Betrag von 800 € in den nächsten Tagen auf Ihre Card.
Mit  Aufladung / Zahlung lösen wir automatisch eine erneute Bestellung auf Ihren bestehenden Account aus (für Sie kostenlos). Ferner erhalten Sie einen zusätzlichen Account mit einer entsprechenden Bestellung (für Sie kostenlos). Hierzu erhalten Sie eine separate Bestätigung.
Wir wünschen Ihnen ein erfolgreiches 2018!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
card2shop Team”
In short it says that I have now a total of 100.10 shopping points. So 39.9 more and I will receive €800,- on my Debit Card. That’s not all however, it will also give me a new order for an additional position plus a new account with a position to earn shopping points. These points are amassed by introducing new people to the system but also by spill over.
The initial position and debit Card costs €499,- so as you can see the reward is huge. The more positions you get the more you can earn/save.

Check it out by clicking the CC picture.

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Use Sponsor ID 1159 to sign up!

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