Problème Sanitaire De Fibrolipome Sur Une Jambe Droite

C’est douloureuse et se manifeste par un gonflement de pied sous l’effet de la graisse à l’intérieur du pied.j’ai déjà opéré 3 fois et c’est toujours insucces et je besoin d’opérer  encore

I’m Ange, I’m 26 years old. I suffer from fibro lipoma disease from the age of 11. But before, the disease progressed little by little and became serious. However, we had not yet discovered what kind of disease I had.

Since 2016 I have had various operations in the hospital and it is there we discovered, after my checkup, that I have this disease called: fibro lipoma. I am suffering from a swollen leg and the pain is worsening and I face tiredness when standing. I need to be operated again, since the last 3 failed operations.

I have met and know the founder member Ria Taverne and I would like to be included in Up2Give. I hope for a good generosity from the members of Up2give, so I will have enough money to pay for my operation.

Thanks for Up2Give. Very grateful for the members and the founder of Up2give.   

God bless you all!