Not a PONZI?

Not a Ponzi scheme

Since I have suffered a few Ponzi scams, I thought I would show people a real legal and compliant business I am in. I won’t be showing any wads of money which means absolutely nothing, nor use words like ” I am so grateful to Mr. so and so, for his Forex help” and I am certainly not going to say dumb stuff like earn “164 bitcoins” a week. What planet are those people on anyway?

I am looking for “human beings” real people who want to help others, help in causes or projects or help lift themselves out of the gutter without being scammed and told a whole lot of lies and lose tons of money in scams and Ponzi’s, and they are in here, you can be sure of that.

Try and get on a live meeting with the owners and question all about their business whether or not it is compliant and legal with a countries law. Nearly every Ponzi scammer will never divulge any information that would kill its business; it is because they are hiding something.

So many have lost money in scams but keep looking for that stupid dollar, not understanding that it is the product that matters, not the dollar. Every good business has money, it is always there, so why chase these programs? It’s a waste of your time and money.

So here goes my offer to you and I don’t care if you do not join as I will be earning anyway because of my products. The 1st product is a digital one EDUCATION! and the 2nd is a physical one, that product is YOU!

We need the right people to join this business, these people will be special people, and they want to help others either close to their heart or in a faraway place. It can be for a cause, a charity, a project or even an idea to clean up the oceans.

We will back you and raise funds for you and of course, you will earn an income at the same time.

If you are this person we are looking for and this strikes close to home with you, then take a look at our business via this link which will take you to our main website. You can register for free and watch 3 videos, a PDF doc, and other info even before you register. Do nothing else on the site.

Now you may be thinking there has to be money involved? Of course, there is, do you think money is not involved in anything you look at? The total cost to join is $32,- admin fee, plus 0.005 Bitcoin contribution but here is the best bit, we will give back half of that in Bitcoin to you every month, in fact, we will keep increasing it if you can help us.

All Bitcoin is paid peer to peer and the company touches none of it, just give us your BTC wallet address and between us, we will fill it.

Peer to Peer

Don’t want to do any of the above? Then how about coming on a live zoom meeting. Meet the people involved, ask questions like “what about the F.T.C or the S.E.C” “will they shut us down” “Will we have to pay tax” “Can I have this business as a legacy for my Children” ” Is there a business card (ATM Card) available, I will answer that one now: ” YES there is, KYC will be required” Ask any question you like, we will answer all.

Tell me when you wish to attend so I can send you a link and meet you there.
If you have more questions I will try to answer them.

Kind regards,
You can join my telegram visitors group here and then we can make a date to go on a zoom meeting held twice a day. These meetings cover the whole world. See you there.

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