No Tree – No Me….. Koala Bears In Strife from Bushfire Stricken Homes and Food Shortage

By Greg Treble

The CATCHCRY from our Wildlife population, in particular, the Koala Bears is    “NO TREE- NO ME”   and has never been more true since these recent bushfires ravaged our beautiful green countryside that only weeks ago graced the rural and semi-rural properties and parklands of South East Queensland and New South Wales in Australia…

To quote the Gold Coast Bulletin (Nov.27 2019) Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is “struggling” to cope with an influx of patients as the number of koalas admitted soars by more than 400.
The hospital is currently admitting 50 animals a day, many of them native species unable to cope with the heat and dry weather.

Koala admissions alone jumped from 27 last year, to 477 this year, with senior vet Dr. Michael Pyne saying his team was flat out trying to keep up with the level of need, and ‘we’re well and truly at capacity’. Each animal costs approximately $7000 to care for before they can be rehabilitated well enough to be re-released into a specific area of natural food and habitat where they can survive.

The koalas are known to only eat a particular type of Eucalyptus leaf and are therefore restricted to the concentrated areas where those particular trees grow. When events like these fires occur, and the natural habitat is destroyed, the koalas are forced to try to find an alternative food source and in order to do that, they venture onto nearby roads and if there are no fences, they can be killed or injured in that endeavor, because they can’t move fast enough to avoid the traffic.

Our quest therefore, is to raise the funds to help with the medical aide to firstly find and treat the injured koalas and then to re-home them in bushland where their food source trees grow abundantly so that they have no need to attempt to leave that area again.
 Such areas are often sourced and cultivated by Local Councils and State Governments since vast tracts of land are required and are difficult to find in suitable areas where water is available and predators are limited.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to get the message out to every person in the hope that more will have seen the reports on TV and be eager to help me with a contribution to this great cause…just a few dollars from everybody will be a huge help in order to rehabilitate and re-home so many, to perhaps avoid the demise of these colonies of Koala bears. I thank you in advance.       

You can create your own similar cause here

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