Needing capital to be able to work my farm.

Hello, my name is Dimby Zafimahaleo Rolland or you can call me Dimby of course, I’m 26 years old, I’m married and I have one child that is 9 months old. I’ve been working in my area as a local guide for 6 months after my study in high school. Then after some time I moved on and I found a job at a restaurant, I worked there as a cashier for two years but unfortunately because of this coronavirus the company didn’t work well and our manager has fired more than 480 employees and I was one of those 480. Now I’m trying to look for another position but there is no recruitment for a job at this time.

So now I’m thinking about going back to my countryside to do farming because I think this is possibly the way that I can support and help my family ( son and wife) and my mom.

I have a large farming land there that can give more than 100 tonnes of crops every year but as I lack the funds to start, it will be unlikely I can accomplish it.

Through Up2Give I am hopeful that there will be people to help me get funds. This could help my life and my family and I will depend on farming so that I could export it everywhere. Thank you.