Llanrwst Canoe Club

A “Not for profit” club which aims to provide local children of all ages and abilities with canoeing/kayaking skills that will allow them to experience the outdoors in a safe and controlled manner from qualified volunteer coaches.


The club was formed in 2003 by a group of like-minded parents, with the aims of providing children of all ages and abilities in the local rural area with the opportunity to sample and develop canoeing skills and therefore provide them with the knowledge to safely access the rivers and lakes that exist around this Market Town and in the neighbouring Snowdonia National Park.

Since its beginnings, the club has expanded, and now has approximately 50 members, both adults and children, who enjoy a wide variety of water-based activities, such as river, lake & sea kayaking, canoeing and sit on top paddling, all led or coached by qualified volunteers who receive no payment.

In order to support these high-risk activities the club needs to provide equipment that allows the members to participate in a safe manner, for example, buoyancy aids, helmets, waterproof jackets etc and of course the club needs to supply the canoes, kayaks and paddles, all of which are expensive, get used regularly and eventually wear out or break.

The club charges a small membership fee and holds fundraising events to help pay for all of this equipment, which also includes the cost of the winter training sessions in the local swimming pool.

In this small market town, it is well supported. However, as the club expands and time moves on it is becoming more and more difficult to raise the required funding to help the club achieve its aims, objectives, and provide what some believe to be a much needed outdoor activity in this ever increasingly computer-driven world that our children are growing up in.

By supporting this “Not for profit organisation”, you are helping people, young and old, to venture out of their comfort zones and experience the outdoors in a safe and controlled manner, some of whom would never get this type of opportunity without the existence of Llanrwst Canoe Club.

Thank you,

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