Is driving too expensive for you?

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Is driving too expensive for you? But do you still need a car or you would like to drive one?
Then HERE is the solution for you!
Two years in a new car, for which you have paid a small deposit in advance. And the next two years, after a new deposit, in another new car, and again, and again …
It sounds like a beautiful dream, but you can make that dream come true by participating in Car Sharing. A European platform that can be compared with ‘Crowdfunding’, everyone helps each other and together we enjoy free driving. Everything is and will be paid, only the fuel is for your own account. So no unexpected costs, no worries about expensive repairs …
Is there a catch? Yes. Or no, not really. Because we pay the car together, it takes 24 to 20 months before you have your new car. And… you drive with a company logo on your car, because they want to be the biggest car rental company in Europe. So the more of their cars on the road, the more the company stands out!
Good exchange: free car against a logo!

The cars are of the following brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Opel, Porche, Smart and Volkswagen.

As an extra I can also mention that you can drive no less than 25,000 km per year (or 50,000 in 2 years) and that you can also register 4 additional drivers who are allowed to drive in your car … Convenient!
Of course you would like to know how you can also drive a free rental car! Of course you would like to take advantage of such a great opportunity … ……There is a lot to tell about the community system, how you will be rewarded if you also deliver two new customers yourself, and how, when you get your car for 2 years you can make a new down payment for ever nicer , or larger, or more luxurious cars.
– Car insurance
– All risk insurance
– Road tax
– Maintenance
– 1x tyre change per year (winter tyres)
– 25,000 km per year
– Max. 5 drivers

Currently available in the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Russia.

Driving has never been so much fun!
And the money you save on a monthly basis can be spent on other fun or useful things. Nice is not it?

ABOUT ME: My name is Ria and on this page I have informed you about the possibility to drive a car for free during 24 months, after paying a one time start-up fee. I am very excited about this concept. However, what’s good for the goose doesn’t necessarily have to be good for the gander. You make your own choices in the end. I would love to help you to get your dream car too and all the benefits that go with it. Of course I will guide you every step of the way and beyond…..

Years of free car driving, only pay for the fuel. It’s possible! If you want…

If you wish to register for a free rental car please download the registration form and follow the described process on the form.

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