I Would Love To Help My Grandchildren Have A Better Future.

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By Angèle

My name is  Angèle, I’m 74 years old from Madagascar. I am a saleswoman and I have a small grocery store to make a living and take care of my grandchildren. I love to work and even age does not prevent me from working because I would like my grandchildren to have a beautiful future.  I love to help and support them, finally knowing that I will be at peace when I am no longer in this world.

I have raised my 2 grandchildren for a long time and the youngest one is only 3 years old. Now I  am in trouble due to corona disease in this world. For three months now I haven’t sold anything because there are no customers to buy.  I sell in an area where students are the main customers who buy from me and because the school is closed. Sadly the neighbours don’t buy products at my store as we are close to the market.

When I heard about Up2Give, I wanted to become a member to give me a chance to better myself and to stock up on my products. That way I can take good care of my small children, so I can work with my grocery store and I can provide their needs and push them to work at school. Thank you for up2give for the support and I hope you give generously. God bless the member and the founder.