Presentation of the Giving Box

Watch this video presentation, to learn how Up2Give gives back.

Personal Cause Page (Option To Receive Contributions From Outside Up2Give Community)
The Up2Give Cause Builder (To Create Your Personal Cause)

An example can be seen here 

What you get with Up2Give:

Listing In Global Community Causes Directory
Membership In Global Community (Now Over 20,000 Members)
Optional Giving Box Community Support For Your Cause
Back Office Management System
Early participation in the largest global philanthropic movement of 2020

Additional Membership Benefits:

Access To Success Training Online Education (Accredited Courses)*

Partnered with Uulala – Banking the Unbanked

Secondary Charitable Cause of Your Choice (Up2Give Supports For You)
Participation In Charitable Cause Fulfilment Videos
Cryptocurrency Debit Card*
Social Website Promotional Technology
And Many New Surprises Coming In 2020!

We are not the following

A Gifting Program – A Crowd Funding Program – A Ponzi scheme – A Pyramid Scheme – A Binary program – An Investment plan – A Return base plan – A Pool program – A Board plan – A Single leg

A Forex business – An HYIP scam – A Rev share programme – A Bitcoin scam or any other criminal activity that you may have experienced

We use Bitcoin as our payment system

If you have no experience with or about Bitcoin, do not fear, we will help you. Once you understand about Bitcoin you will never look back.

We will also send information on how money is created to help you and any charity or cause you so wish to help; this is called the GIVING BOX and is a peer to peer Bitcoin action. No one touches anyone’s money or holds it back from you. Complete peer to peer action.

All training is free for you to help your cause, project or idea, yourself and family

We are also looking for Churches, large organisations that would benefit from financial injection by participation, groups of individuals who may be involved in large projects (Planting trees for example or cleaning the island shores of plastic, or an idea to produce free energy) the possibilities are only bound by your imagination.

We are not a loans company nor do we offer any kind of financial information. We are here to help you through the power of giving to others, as they will give to you so that we can, as humans, help each other and our home planet, which surely needs us now.

We hold live zoom meetings with corporate head office and representatives of the company on specific days, you will be welcome to attend these live meetings where, in all cases, a Q & A is available. Ask questions – get answers, not something you find these days and very rare.
These Zoom links are posted regularly in our Telegram group.

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