Help the Rhino before others destroy its very existence.

They cannot take this punishment. Two Rhinos a day die, this is not sustainable for Rhino.

Help protect endangered species/habitat

Global warming either by nature’s way or created by ourselves is a debate many will argue however while this is always under the microscope the effect on the planet is becoming evident and the need for more land to cultivate and grow crops for the 7 billion inhabitants of earth is now becoming an issue so great is not just greenhouse gases and global warming but the very extinction of fauna and flora that the whole diversity of many areas are now suffering losses of natural beauty, exotica, fauna and animal life.

Species are dying in numbers so great that we are now in a position of endangering our own existence on planet earth if nothing is done now to stop this tsunami of destruction caused by need and greed, for the future of mankind and all who dwell on the planet. We will be in trouble.

Wildlife in these habitats and all other species in parts of the world are going through a transformation, of great magnitude to satisfy the thirst of need and once again the greed of many, I will add here for those that exist in areas of poor and to not starve to death or have no roof over their heads is a challenge between finding balance between nature and existence.

I am doing my part for wildlife and I ask of you to please support me in our helping our planet’s diversity so that many if not all get the chance to live on earth for many ions. We can only do this if we work together collectively.

Education is a solution to helping endangered species and old wives tales and customs must be eliminated (Saving the Rhino for example) and people beliefs that its horn has medicinal and health benefits, are ludicrous.

It is the only reason it is being killed off and not even for food.

My aim is to help with:

Eyes in the skies Drones/Helicopters/Airplanes

To help Rangers with kit and training and to look after families of rangers who are killed by poachers

To help arm and protect rangers

To train and support dogs to track down poachers

To tag Rhino across Africa

To run educational programs to the public who live on the boundaries of these parks and reserves to better understand that conservation will bring in tourism/money and that killing Rhino does the opposite.

Over two Rhino a day are being killed in 2019 at this rate the Rhino has no chance of survival.

Please help, they cannot speak for themselves or protect themselves, but we can for them.

This is Tandi’s story

You can create your own similar cause here 

Thank you