Help Me To Help My Family’s Children To Attend School.

Like many families in Africa, my family’s children have problems and difficulties to access school because of the poverty and unawareness of the parents.

By Rabe

I really want to help our children who are unable to attend school because it is not a disability . 

I know that our children are our future and I want to change my family’s history and to open a new page for us. That will begin with our children and it will be my heavy charge to provide them with their school furniture and breakfast because the major issues that cause children to skip classes are hunger and lack of books, schoolbags, and some of the materials always needed for classes.

To achieve it is not easy. I appeal to everybody who reads this cause to help and contribute to supporting my initiative to send our children to school.

What you kindly give will be a storyline for our children who are unable to read and write now because of a lack of education.

God bless you all.