Give children in India a better education in a proper school

Ria Taverne

My wish is to support a project of the “The Wilde Ganzen Foundation” a Dutch NGO, founded in 1957, with a mission to reduce poverty and inequality through community-led initiatives, by choosing one of their small and many projects.

The projects which lie closest to my heart are those in which children will be able to go to school and get a proper education. To give them a better chance in life so they will no longer suffer inequality.

One such project I wish to donate to is based in Bodapoda – Odisha, India.

In the small village of Bodapoda, the primary school is in such a state that the children sit under a dripping roof when it is rainy season. White ants gnaw at the beams which support an asbestos roof. This gets dangerous as it will eventually collapse and asbestos will be released, causing health issues. In summer it is too hot to be inside as there are hardly any windows. To make matters worse there is hardly any room in the school and for the eldest children, there’s not even a classroom available.

More classrooms are desperately needed and the plan is to put a second story on the existing building and of course a new roof. Also, if enough money is raised they will be able to buy new furniture.

The Indian government doesn’t have enough money for the upkeep of all the schools. That’s why donations are urgently needed.

The idea that these children will have a proper school they can attend will surely contribute to their joy of life and learning. It fills me with joy as well and being able to give is the best feeling a person can have.

The renovation of the school costs around $23.000,- and I want to be able to raise at least a great part of this money to donate to the organization. It would benefit around 320 children to get safe and quality schooling.

Please help me to make this possible for these children and give generously.

* Photo by Justine Curtis

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