Give and you shall receive.

Every man and woman on earth will be able to Give through the power of Philanthropy. Help yourself, Help your community, Help Causes around the world you feel passionate about.
Get back to me if you are interested in becoming a Philanthropist.

Up2Give is designed to create a culture of Philanthropy, where Up2Give will help solve some of the world’s most obvious problems through the power of giving. Peer to peer, using Bitcoin.

The world is in a mess, you are in a mess, you want to help someone, you want to build something for someone, you want a new car, someone has Cancer or Dementia or another disease, you want to help veterans, the aged, create a tech device, build a new home, the possibilities are endless with Up2Give.

Let me show you how you too can help people close to your heart and at the same time help yourself.

Or go directly to sign up for a free account.

The cost to join is very low, only $32,- admin fee in Bitcoin and 0.025 Bitcoin for contribution to a cause. Just leave your name, email and country in the box below.

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