Funds Needed To Start A New School In Madagascar

I am LEDA Solondraza Albert, I am 40 years old I am a Lutheran Protestant and I teach voluntarily in a public high school called Lycée Laurent Botokeky in the city of Toliara since 2009.

In Madagascar, because of the shortage of teachers, the state has used young graduates to teach voluntarily, but they are not paid until the day they are employed. So I haven’t been paid for all this time. While hoping that they will employ me as a public secondary teacher in the future. Alas! I’ve been waiting to be employed for 11 years since. 

The idea of doing something else often happens to me like opening a teenager- or kindergarten school because there is a plot of land which I can use for the project of building a school, starting with the kindergarten. The teaching experience I got since 2009 will allow me to open a space for young people. You know the fee tuition is a little bit high here in Toliara. Myself, I can charge a lower tuition fee for my school.

Last but not least, the non-possession of a smartphone or a computer is very annoying for me because I have to go cyber cage for connecting and sometimes I don’t have money for the connexion. So once I will have a smartphone or a laptop it will be easier for me to improve or create a big boom for my project. And all the more, having a computer will help me in personal development in carrying out this work.

My second project is the maintenance of computers. I will be trained at a school first and after I’ll open a centre for repairing or home-repairing technicians. And step-by-step, I will create a private establishment for repairing computers.

Thank you