Ether Chain a Smart Contract

Together we are creating the world’s first decentralized support fund, built by the community, for the community, with the principles of equality, justice, and transparency for all ❤️✔️

ETHER CHAIN is a financial support system based upon smart contract technology, deployed on the public blockchain, fully verified and decentralized with open source code 🔝

The verification of ETHER CHAIN smart contract has been well received by the community ❤️

8808 ETH in the community fund, close to breaking 9000 👊👊❤️✔️

2955 ETH withdrawn by members 😍🔝

222 ETH in the daily pool, that’s 22.2 ETH shared between the top 4 sponsors in the community every day 👊👊🔝✅

Congratulations to us all, we are the world’s first, fully decentralized, fully verified, community support fund ❤️💥💥

Please read this tutorial before doing anything else.

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