Because of COVID-19, we are in a very hard situation to pay my six teachers. That’s what my cause is all about.

By Solo Nentea

My school, on my own, named ” Master School ” was founded on the 10th of October 2017 in a small village called Tanandava in Toliara, Madagascar and it is registered in the Ministry of National Education having its code: 602 101 007 as a legal and autonomous private school.

My initiative to create this school is ” Creating future leaders for positive change ” for Madagascar’s children by the way of education because it is very clear for me that the only one way to get out of our poverty is the education. This latter’s level is very low and poor in my region and most of the people including parents of our students are illiterate ” unable to read and write ” and they live in poverty consequently. Now, Master School has 65 students from Kindergarten – Elementary – Lower secondary level classes ensured by 6 motivated teachers who are only paid by the monthly fees from the contributions of the students’ parents.

However, the school is now closed because of the COVID 19 pandemic and no student can attend class. Consequently, the parents of the students may not go out due to lockdown and can not pay the contributions for the school fees for their children. Besides, they do not think of paying teachers because their children can not go to school. Unawareness and poverty are the major issues in our area that cause parents not to be able to pay. Apart from that, I am now not able to pay them myself because my part job is blocked too. I work as a freelance certified tour guide in tourism as well but tourists are banned to come to my country.

Now, Master School asks any kind people to support and sponsor our initiative stating ” Creating future leaders for positive ” and to donate to my school to pay my teachers for short term or long term for our sustainable educational activities to encourage my motivated educators and teachers especially during this LOCKDOWN moment to satisfy them.

It needs to be clear: Teachers’ salaries: 40 $ per head per month. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

School staff