Buying Gold is a safe way to invest your money

Investing in precious metals means investing in genuine goods, not empty promises

If you are looking for a way to start saving you will do very well to open a deposit account with a company that makes sure your money is safely backed by precious metals. Be it Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. You can deposit from as little as 1 Euro up to however much you want to save.

You can make one-time or regular purchases and manage your precious metal assets online. You can buy parts of large bars from 1 Euro, at up to 15% less and your purchased precious metals will be stored directly in a high-security safe by an independent third party vault operator, and 100% of its value is insured against theft and robbery.

Gold in your hand

Your bars will be allocated to you with numbers. You can check your precious metals in your vault online, 24 hours a day. You can even have your gold delivered right to your door, should you wish to hold it in your own hands.

At the same time you can use your precious metals account just like an ordinary bank account to make and receive payments.

It is also backed by a full buy-back guarantee for all precious metals stored in the vault. Sell your bars at any time and get your money back.

Smart Purchase

Precious metal bullion is produced in various denominations
The minting costs for different denominations remain constant as production expenses are similar for each denomination.

Therefore, the price per gram for a 1 kilogram bar is up to 15% cheaper when compared to the price per gram of a 1 gram bar.

With Auvesta, you can buy parts of large bullion bars, and so even with small amounts you can purchase at the reduced price for large bullion bars.

Benefits of Smart Purchase

  • Purchase the quantity you want, when you want
  • You receive the reduced purchase price for large bullion bars
  • Purchause with the smallest amounts, at the affordable price of large bullion bars
  • You pay no minting costs when buying and selling. Minting costs are charged only on delivery.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to make sure your money is safely backed by the security of precious metals? Ask me how to open an account today.

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