About Dr. Arnold S. Leonard and SOUL

The story and background of Dr. Arnold S. Leonard dates back over 50 years to when he embarked on a medical career that would soon begin saving, prolonging and improving the lives of others through the research, treatment and rehabilitation he provided and oversaw.

The foundation for nutrition through seeds came from Dr. Leonard’s 50 years of service and nearly two decades of clinical studies.

Dr. Arnold S. Leonard is the founder of the ASL (Arnold S. Leonard) Cancer Fund that originated 17 years ago as a way for children and parents to pay for medical expenses. Dr. Leonard was the head of the pediatric and thyroid cancer research and surgery department at the University of Minnesota. His goal was to find a way to offset the costs of the travel, hotels, and medical expenses, and allow for the parents to be with their children through the traumatic time of cancer treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

Dr. Leonard, through his 50 years of service, was involved in some of the very first open heart surgeries and had that Dr. Leonard had over 250 publications to his name. “Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the smartest guy in the room? Dr. Leonard knows what that is like. He is that guy.”

In the past two decades Dr. Leonard has taken a very re-active situation and he became very pro-active. He decided to start exploring why the body deteriorates the way that it does. He wanted to know why we are having all these increases in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and malnutrition.

As he began to research these issues, he began to find that our bodies are becoming more and more infected with free radical stress. Further research indicated that all this free radical stress was causing oxidation. Oxidation in our bodies is seen as rust and erodes our bodies from the inside out. Our bodies are building oxidation daily through our regular every day lives. Think of an aging banana that is ripe and yellow that as time goes on begins to discolor and turn brown. That is what happens with oxidation within our bodies, and inside of our bodies we have an alarm system that is called inflammation. Free radical stress causes oxidation, which causes inflammation. In our bodies it works like a vicious cycle because the inflammation causes more free radical stress, which causes additional oxidation, which causes further inflammation.

Although words like free radical, oxidation and inflammation are buzz words today, Dr. Leonard began researching them nearly two decades ago. He is a true pioneer in the wellness movement.

As Dr. Leonard began to realize the importance of antioxidants, he further realized that not only would antioxidants greatly assist in the reduction of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, it would also dramatically reduce the deaths from over-medication and cross-medication, which is the #3 leading killer in our society today behind only heart disease and cancer

Dr. Leonard began studying literally hundreds of antioxidants and as he continued his research he began to find that certain antioxidants, at certain levels, greatly reduced the amount of free radical stress and thus oxidation.

SOUL is Rain’s flagship product and is offered in a simple 3oz. shot.

As stated, it is extremely rich in free radical fighting antioxidants and loaded with essential fatty acids and is no ordinary supplement. SOUL is absolutely extraordinary. The proprietary blend of Black Raspberry, Black Cumin, Chardonnay Grape, and D-Ribose in SOUL help replace cell energy, have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and help support a healthy immune system. The added bonus of the powerhouse antioxidant, Resveratrol, found in the Chardonnay Grape, may also enhance heart, muscle, brain, and kidney health. It has been hailed as one of the most important anti-aging supplements ever discovered.

Did you know that most seeds make up a very small percentage of the total weight of a berry or flower, but they often contain the most potent health benefits in their tiny packages. The foundation of all of our products at Rain are the seeds. We have all heard of the amazing antioxidant power in berries and herbs, but what no one has ever explained properly are the best parts of those berries… the seeds.

In SOUL you get the one-two punch of the Black Raspberry Seed, hailed for it’s immune system strengthening properties, and Black Cumin Seed, loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. While the incredible antioxidants found in both Black Cumin Seeds and Black Raspberry Seeds fight the harmful effects of free radicals, the essential fatty acids found in the Omegas support the and help repair cell membranes. The seeds are the heroes in this remarkable product. They are the storehouses of the antioxidants and when treated properly, through our cold press process, yield better results than ever imagined.

The Chardonnay grape contains a powerful antioxidant resveratrol, an antioxidant currently touted as one of the best anti-aging supplements ever discovered.

Furthermore, Rain uses a cold press process. This process gently presses and separates the seeds into oils and flours without the use of heat or chemicals. This process is done in such a way that the extracted oils and flours are preserved in their natural state ensuring that Rain’s products maintain exceptional potency and richness. This process has been long used in Europe and other parts of the world because of its ability to ensure nutritionally rich extracts that ensure exceptional efficacy. Most manufacturers use very high temperatures, and some use harsh chemicals and synthetic processes to extract the nutrients from natural botanicals. The resulting extracts are left without valuable nutrients and sometimes have harmful residue from the process. Rain employs an extraction process that has been certified organic, is chemical-free, and that uses the lowest possible temperatures. The products that Rain has created and will create over time will use only extracts from this process. It will ensure the finest possible result every time. You can be certain that the products you are taking are pure, natural, and nutritionally rich.


Dr. Leonard has offered the world an incredible health improving product that is destined to revolutionize the health and wellness industry. The story of Dr. Leonard is both commendable and inspirational and the Rain products are absolutely incredible. Rain has arrived and an entire population now has the opportunity to live their best life today.


Kort CV

Dr. Leonard attended the University of Minnesota, graduating from the Medical School in 1955 and receiving his Ph.D. in 1963. While in medical school, he worked in the operating room during the first open-heart surgery. After completing residency in General Surgery, he was specifically chosen by Dr. Wangensteen to seek specialty training in Pediatric Surgery.

He conducted the first thorascopic surgical procedure at the University of Minnesota, breaking into the minimally invasive surgery arena and leading the way to the development of advanced laparoscopic and thoracoscopic techniques. Dr. Leonard has developed several medical devices including a novel long-term central venous access catheter that is the most popular long term central catheter used today in the United States for the delivery of chemotherapeutic agents in cancer patients. He has contributed to the understanding of metastatic Wilm’s tumor and its role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy; a move by the Children’s Cancer Research Committee that has literally saved thousands of lives throughout the world. He also developed a method to expose the spine from an anterior approach; a technique that has revolutionized the treatment of scoliosis. Dr. Leonard also developed a novel method to correct chest deformities; Pectus Excavatum and Pectus Carinatum. To date, he has performed over 1500 of such repairs and is considered to be one of the world’s experts in the treatment of such deformities. Surgical protocols that he developed concerning the treatment of children with cystic fibrosis are now employed nationwide.

He has given over 60 national and international talks and authored over 260 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Leonard’s research laboratory has received two American College of Surgeons awards and the Watson Award from the University of Minnesota for innovative approaches in boosting the immune system. He holds an Endowed Chair in Pediatric Surgery in the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota and continues to research Genetic Engineering.

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