A New Caravan For Me To Live In.

By Michael Banks

I have been homeless since 2014 after being robbed of my income by the SEC. Twice.

I have been living on campsites because I do not have a home or family anywhere and I make my living using Internet programs. It’s not easy but I can usually make enough to get by.

The problem is I have to rely on other people’s honesty and of course the U.S. government allowing the programs to stay open.

In November 2018 I lost everything I own in a storm.

I have been living in a tent right up to last year 2018 when the storms tore it to shreds.

I have been threatened with eviction once already because I do not have enough for food, rent or electricity. I owe 10 months rent, not good.

A kind lady here in Portugal found me an old caravan to live in and said I could pay her for it bit by bit.

I cried when that happened, I asked for help and God sent an Angel.

The caravan leaks, the windows are broken, the door is broken and doesn’t lock and it’s 300 cm x 200 cm, tiny, but it’s my home.

I need to earn enough for a bigger one, a warmer and drier one, for me and my 5 cats.

Why do I have cats, well, one was beaten and someone chopped her tail in half and the others have been left here at the lakeside, most likely as kittens and I can’t bear to see anything suffer and if I have to go without meat and vegetables to feed the cats then I will.

I also feed the birds, they wait in the tree outside the door at 10:00 a.m. every morning and sing for me.

I love life, all life, even the mosquitos don’t bite me anymore.

Apart from that, I am happy and grateful for my life today and wish you health and abundance.

God Bless

Happy New Year. xx

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